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Blood Demons Boxed Set 44150


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Blood Demons Boxed Set 44150

Reaper Bones Black Miniatures

Sculpted by: Bobby Jackson

Dark Heaven Bones Black

  • 25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures
  • Integral Bases
  • Unpainted polymer models
  • Dark grey for easier priming
  • Durable and ready to paint right out of the package

Eons ago, the demon lord Abraxus was summoned to our world by a cabal of wizards. Enraged, the demon-lord slew his would-be masters but found himself trapped deep in their dungeon and unable to return to his abyssal domain. Abraxus, Duke of the Mercury Seas of Yorgash, summoned a cadre of faithful demons to free him, but they themselves were imprisoned alongside their lord. Now, the summoners’ dungeon is the prison-domain of the fiends. What heroes are brave enough to face and defeat the Blood Demons?

Reaper miniaturen worden onbeschilderd geleverd.

Bones Black Reaper miniatures Nederland, Ready to paint, no priming necessary.



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